Peptide Mapping

Peptide mapping

Peptide mapping

Peptide mapping is the principal technique to confirm a protein primary structure (amino acid) and a key step in the biopharmaceutical’s characterization.

At AMSbiopharma, we have developed a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) based peptide mapping platform for confirmation of primary structure of your biopharmaceuticals in compliance with ICH Q6B guidelines.

Our peptide mapping technology can help our clients to comply with ICH Q6B guidelines, which can also give support to:

Post-translational modification (PTMs): Including glycosylation, oxidation, deamidation and N-C terminal sequence modifications.

Disulfide bridges: Free thiols and disulfide bonds cause differences in peptide map allowing to determine the position of disulfide cross-links.

Purity/impuritie: Peptide mapping can help to characterize process-related protein impurities.

    Please contact our specialist to discuss the peptide mapping application to your biopharmaceutical.
Peptide mapping
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