Preclinical Research

Preclinical Research

What is Preclinical research?

Regarding preclinical research, the hunt for new drugs can be divided into two stages: discovery and development.

  1. Drug discovery includes generating a hypothesis of the target receptor for a particular disorder and screening the in vitro and/or in vivo biological activities of the new drug candidates.
  2. Drug development involves the assessment of efficacy and toxicity of the new drug candidates.

In order to successfully driving drug discovery projects, some in vitro parameters such as chemical stability, membrane permeability, protein binding, water solubility, CYP inhibition and CYP induction,  must be tested before continue development of hit compounds showing target affinity.

Afterwards, in vivo ADME properties of hit compounds  has to be known as soon as possible, to avoid that absorption, metabolization, systemic distribution or excretion issues could hinder the drug to reach its biological target in the organism.

The determination of the systemic concentration levels of drugs and their metabolites in various biological matrices is considered to be highly specific and selective, as background noise can be eliminated by analyzing selected analytes of interest with desired m/z ratios.


In Vitro ADME

Chemical Stability

Safety and Toxicology

Preclinical research at AMS Biopharma

AMSbiopharma owns specific bioinformatic tools and High Resolution Mass Spectrometric equipment that can assist you in the identification and quantitation of drug metabolites and catabolites making accurate mass measurements and MS/MS in a QTOF mass detector hindered to HPLC.

In summary, AMSbiopharma is the LC-MS  specialist that can provide you a fast, flexible and rigorous support in your preclinical research and testing needs.

Preclinical Research

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