Bioanalysis (in vitro ADME)

In Vitro ADME

In vitro ADME Assays

In vitro ADME assays play a very important role in drug discovery. The investigation of the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) properties of a drug candidate is a critical step in supporting drug discovery, safety evaluation, and clinical development. 

In vitro ADME assays are very important in drug discovery due to three main advantages:

1) In vitro assays provide a simple, convenient, and rapid way to study the drugable properties of chemical entities to help advance those drug candidates.

2) In the early drug discovery stage, the amount of compound available is often limited and it is not always feasible to perform preclinical animal studies without additional efforts to synthesize the compound. Thus, in vitro assays could be a more rapid and economic alternative for screening compounds.

3) In vitro assays are often designed to answer specific questions, such as structure–activity relationship (SAR) for metabolic stability or drug–drug interaction (DDI) potential of the drug candidate. Therefore, these assays are useful tools for optimizing select drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics profile (DMPK) and toxicology properties.

In vitro ADME assays

AMSbiopharma offers in vitro experimental systems to evaluate drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. Our scientists can support appropriate study design, execution and data interpretation.

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